More than Window Dressing: Energy-Efficient & Automated Products to Drive Growth

More than Window Dressing: Energy-Efficient & Automated Products to Drive Growth

US demand for window coverings is forecast to total $5.2 billion in 2021. Suppliers will benefit from increases in construction activity, particularly in the residential sector. Trends toward higher-end products in the replacement market will further support gains in value terms.

Hard Coverings to Benefit from Residential Use

Suppliers of hard coverings such as blinds and shades will continue to benefit from rising penetration in household settings. This trend has been driven by a combination of energy-efficient products and more fashionable hard covering options. Cellular shades, for example, are valued for their superior insulative properties, and are also amenable to construction from a wide range of materials in several different styles, bolstering demand from consumers who want window coverings that complement the design of a room.

Traditional markets for these products have included office, commercial, and institutional settings.

High-End Hardware to Bolster Sales

Sales of window covering hardware are also expected to undergo strong advances. Sales of curtain and drapery hardware will be supported by consumer trends towards more expensive products with ornamental features. Concurrently, suppliers of blind and shade hardware will benefit from consumer adoption of smart home technologies, which will support sales of motorized hardware.

Want to Learn More?

Don’t worry, we have you covered! For additional information and analysis of US market trends, see Window Coverings: United States, a report published by the Freedonia Focus Reports division of The Freedonia Group. The report also includes numbers and analysis covering US window covering demand and shipments by product for 2006-2016 with projections to 2021. Demand and shipments by product segments include:

  • hard coverings
  • soft coverings
  • hardware.

Hard covering shipments are further segmented by type in terms of:

  • window shades
  • Venetian blinds
  • other hard coverings such as wooden slat porch shades and vertical blinds.

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Steven Richmond is a Market Research Analyst for Freedonia Focus Reports. He holds a dual degree in economics and international affairs, with experience as an analyst covering multiple industries.