Electronic Component Use Speeding Up in Motor Vehicles

Electronic Component Use Speeding Up in Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles increasingly feature more electronic components as electronic systems become more sophisticated and advanced drivetrain components become more widespread. Increasing global output of motor vehicles will combine with the expanding scope of products in which electronic components are used as significant drivers of growth.

Features common among many motor vehicles – including airbags, electronic systems (e.g., alternator, diagnostics, and lighting), infotainment systems, mirror and wiper controls, power doors and windows, and electronic stability control – all employ electronic components. For the most part, the prevalence of these features is not expected to increase moving forward, and so demand for electronic components in these applications will primarily be influenced by rising output of motor vehicles.

The growing production of hybrid- and all-electric vehicles, which contain advanced electronic content, aids electronic component sales. The value of electronic components within a hybrid drivetrain is more than ten times greater than the electronic component content of a traditional internal combustion drivetrain.

The increasing prevalence of advanced driver assistant systems – including adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, forward collision warning, and lane departure warning – will also support demand for electronic components in the automotive industry. Developments in autonomous vehicles will influence demand for electronic components in motor vehicles. While fully driverless vehicles may still be years away, many vehicles being produced today include partial automation features, such as parking assistance. Motor vehicles will require even more electronic components as safety and autonomous features increase.

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For more insights into the US electronic component industry, see Electronic Components: United States, a report recently released by the Freedonia Focus Reports division of The Freedonia Group. This report forecasts to 2022 US electronic component shipments in nominal US dollars at the manufacturer level. Total shipments are segmented by product in terms of:

  • integrated circuits
  • other semiconductors
  • printed circuit assemblies
  • connectors
  • printed circuit boards
  • other electronic components

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