Freedonia Analyst Weighs in on Trump Admin’s Proposed Mexico Import Tax


Cleveland, January 30, 2017 – Last week, President Donald Trump’s administration suggested a 20% tax on imports from Mexico, which would fund the construction of a wall separating the US and its southern neighbor. Trump campaigned on a promise to build a wall along the border and to have Mexico fund the project. But, according to Mexico’s Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray, it is US consumers who will bear the brunt of this cost, in the form of higher prices on a variety of goods.

A more detailed account of the administration’s import tax proposal can be read here:

The potential impacts of this tax on US consumers, manufacturers, and service providers could indeed be significant, according to new analysis by Matthew Rolfe, Senior Market Research Analyst for the Freedonia Group.  

“Mexico accounted for 13% of imports to the US in 2015”, says Rolfe, “and is second only to China in supplying products to the US market. Moreover, Mexico’s influence has only grown in the last decade; imports rose 5.6% per year, on average, between 2005 and 2015.”

As Rolfe illustrates, many of the leading imports from Mexico are high-value durable goods such as transportation equipment (eg, motor vehicles), electronics, appliances, and machinery. Production of many of these goods is tied to relatively inflexible capacity, which is constrained by high capital costs. Thus, instead of spurring a manufacturing shift to the US, the tax would most likely increase the prices that US consumers pay for these already expensive items.

But prices for many other products could also increase, given Mexico’s involvement in supplying the US market for such products.

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