US Waste Management Revenues to Advance 3.0% Annually in Nominal Dollars to 2023


Cleveland, OH, January 7, 2020 — US waste management revenues are forecast to advance 3.0% annually in nominal dollars through 2023, according to Waste Management: United States, a report recently released by Freedonia Focus Reports. Advances will stem from manufacturing activity and goods consumption, which will expand the volume of generated waste, boosting management revenues. However, efforts to curb waste generation volumes through source reduction and other strategies will continue to limit the tonnage available for management and corresponding industry revenues.

Solid waste revenues are forecast to remain the largest discrete establishment segment. Rising consumption of goods is expected to grow the tonnage of generated municipal solid waste (MSW), and further fee increases will support revenue growth from collection and disposal services. Hazardous waste revenues are projected to expand 4.7% annually through 2023 – the fastest growth among discrete establishment segments. Providers stand to benefit from output growth in the basic chemical and natural gas industries, which represent the leading generators of hazardous waste.

These and other key insights are featured in Waste Management: United States. This report forecasts to 2023 US waste management revenues in nominal US dollars. Total revenues are segmented by establishment type in terms of:

  • solid waste
  • remediation
  • hazardous waste
  • material recovery
  • other establishments, such as those specializing in septic tank cleaning services

Total revenue is also segmented by market as follows:

  • businesses
  • governments
  • households

To illustrate historical trends, total revenues and the various segments, and the number of firms, establishments, and employment are provided in annual series from 2008 to 2018.

The scope of this report encompasses private firms that primarily engage in waste management services. Excluded are firms that primarily engage in: environmental consulting; operation of water or sewage treatment plants; supply of water for drinking, irrigation, and other uses; and specialized freight and long-distance trucking services.

More information about the report is available at: