Expanding Incomes, Construction to Boost US Landscaping Service Revenues


Cleveland, OH, August 20, 2021 — US landscaping service revenues in nominal dollars are forecast to advance 5.2% yearly through 2025, according to Landscaping Services: United States, a report recently released by Freedonia Focus Reports. Landscaping firms will benefit from growth in consumer and business incomes as the economy expands, and the convenience and quality provided to property owners by contracting for landscaping services. Revenues continued to grow during the pandemic, yet landscaping service providers are expected to see advances of 5.7% in 2021 as business spending recovers. Faster growth will be prevented by the expense of landscaping services compared to other options, the prevalence of minimally landscaped areas, do-it-yourself (DIY) attitudes among homeowners, and in-house labor forces among large organizations. In addition, renting equipment from home improvement stores allows households and businesses to perform landscaping work, including constructing new landscapes. Furthermore, the use of robotic lawn mowers, while still relatively rare, will prevent faster gains, as more companies offer better robots and usage increases.

Provider revenues for the larger service segment – commercial landscaping – are expected to benefit from growing commercial building construction activity, which will increase the amount of space that requires services. Revenues for residential landscaping services are forecast to grow 5.6% annually to 2025, outpacing gains in the commercial landscaping services segment. New home completions are projected to expand less than 1.0% yearly through 2025, boosting the potential size of the residential market. Existing home sales are projected to increase nearly 1.0% annually to 2025, supporting revenues as landscaping projects are often undertaken before or after a home sale. In addition, the ongoing preference for outdoor living will continue to boost revenues.

These and other key insights are featured in Landscaping Services: United States. This report forecasts to 2021 and 2025 US landscaping services revenue in nominal US dollars. Total revenues are segmented by service in terms of:

  • commercial landscaping
  • residential landscaping
  • other services such as landscape construction, snow removal, and landscape architectural services

Total revenues are also segmented by market as follows:

  • household
  • business
  • government and nonprofit

To illustrate historical trends, total demand and the various segments are provided in annual series from 2010 to 2020.

This report represents the revenues of employer and nonemployer firms primarily engaged in providing landscaping services for hire (i.e., services contracted to third parties). Excluded are:

  • services provided by the members of a household for members’ personal residences or performed for small payments on behalf of neighbors
  • services performed by the internal staff of an organization or company
  • the revenues of firms primarily engaged in landscape architectural and design services, though any such services provided by firms primarily involved in landscaping services are included
  • the revenues of companies that primarily focus on artificial turf or hardscape installation services

This report includes the results of a proprietary national online consumer survey of US adults (age 18+). This Freedonia Focus Reports National Survey has a sample size of approximately 2,000, screened for response quality, and representative of the US population on the demographic measures of age, gender, geographic region, race/ethnicity, household income, and the presence/absence of children in the household.

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