Flat Glass: Europe

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Published Mar 31, 2020 | 34 Pages | Pub ID: FFO16225105
Flat Glass: Europe

This report forecasts to 2023 flat glass demand in square meters and nominal US dollars at the manufacturer level in Europe. Total European flat glass production is also forecasted to 2023 in square meters. Total demand by value is segmented by market in terms of: residential buildings; nonresidential buildings; motor vehicle original equipment manufacturer; motor vehicle aftermarket; and other markets such as solar energy, electronic display screens, and aerospace equipment glass.

To illustrate historical trends, total fabricated flat glass demand by value is provided in annual series from 2008 to 2018; total European flat glass production and demand in area terms, and the various demand segments by value are reported at five-year intervals for 2008, 2013, and 2018.

Production data reflect primarily float glass, but also include sheet glass, rolled glass, plate glass, and specialty types of flat glass such as patterned glass. Capacity figures include only float glass and, where noted, patterned glass.

Demand by market for fabricated flat glass is presented in US dollars. Fabricated flat glass includes both basic glass as well as processed and value-added products such as laminated, tempered, and insulating glass. Thus, the dollar values presented per square meter of flat glass include the inherent value added by fabrication.

Key macroeconomic indicators are also provided with quantified trends. Other various topics, including profiles of pertinent leading suppliers, are covered in this report. A full outline of report items by page is available in the Table of Contents.
Historical Trends
Key Economic Indicators
Flat Glass Industry Overview
Technology & Innovation
Environmental & Regulatory Factors
Demand by Country
Residential Buildings
Nonresidential Buildings
Motor Vehicle OEM
Motor Vehicle Aftermarket
Other Markets
Industry Characteristics
Market Share
Industry Codes
Freedonia Methodology
Figure 1 | Europe: Key Trends in the Fabricated Flat Glass Market, 2018 - 2023
Figure 2 | Europe: Fabricated Flat Glass Demand Trends, 2008 - 2018
Table 1 | Europe: Key Indicators for Flat Glass Demand, 2008 - 2023 (2017US$ bil)
Figure 3 | Europe: Fabricated Flat Glass Demand by Country, 2018 (%)
Figure 4 | Europe: Flat Glass Demand by Market, 2008 - 2023 (US$ bil)
Table 2 | Europe: Flat Glass Demand by Market, 2008 - 2023 (US$ mil)
Figure 5 | Europe: Flat Glass Demand by Market, 2008 - 2023 (%)
Table 3 | Europe: Flat Glass Supply & Demand, 2008 - 2023 (mil sq mtr)
Table 4 | Western Europe: Float Glass Production Capacity by Country, Year-End 2019 (m tons/day)
Table 5 | Eastern Europe: Float Glass Production Capacity by Country, Year-End 2019 (m tons/day)
Figure 6 | Europe: Flat Glass Market Share by Company, 2018 (%)
Table 6 | Europe: Selected Suppliers to the Flat Glass Market
Table 7 | Countries in Western Europe
Table 8 | Countries in Eastern Europe
Table 9 | HS Codes Related to Flat Glass
Table 10 | NACE Codes Related to Flat Glass

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