Gluten-Free Foods: United States

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Published Nov 30, 2016 | 28 Pages | Pub ID: FFO15193156
Gluten-Free Foods: United States

This report forecasts annual US retail sales of gluten-free foods in US dollars for 2016-2020. Total mass-market sales of gluten-free foods by product and total retail sales are provided for 2011-2015. Total mass-market sales are segmented by product in terms of: salty snacks, crackers, fresh bread, pasta, cold cereal, baking mixes, cookies, flour, and frozen bread and dough.

A Market Overview section provides pertinent background on market definitions, market size, marketers, the retail and foodservice marketplace, product trends and opportunities, and the gluten-free consumer.

A one-page, introductory Highlights section summarizes key findings from this 28-page report, and a Resources section lists contributing sources as well as resources available for further research.
    • Market Definition
    • Market Size
      • Table Chart 1 | US Gluten-Free Food Retail Sales, 2011-2020
      • Table Chart 2 | US Gluten-Free Food Mass-Market Retail Sales by Product, 2011-2015
    • Marketers
      • Table Chart 3 | US Gluten-Free Food Mass-Market Retail Sales Share by Marketer, 2015
    • The Retail & Foodservice Marketplace
    • Product Trends & Opportunities
    • The Gluten-Free Consumer
    • Companies Cited