Pet Medications: United States

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   Corporate License - $1,050

Published Aug 31, 2017 | 27 Pages | Pub ID: FFO15475744

Pet Medications: United States

This report forecasts US pet medication retail sales in US dollars for 2017-2021. To illustrate historical trends, total retail sales are provided in annual series from 2013 to 2016.

This report examines the consumer market for medications for dogs and cats, with a focus on products used by consumers. These include prescription, over-the-counter (also known as OTC or retail), and ethical products (nonprescription medications whose distribution is restricted by the manufacturer to veterinarians). The primary focus of this report is on antiparasitics (flea, tick, heartworm, etc), but it also covers market-shaping developments in other areas including cancer, cognitive dysfunction, mood disorder, pain management, and obesity/diabetes. Animal health products for production animals and horses are excluded from this market analysis, as are nutritional supplements for horses and companion animals.
  • Highlights
  • Market Overview
    • Market Size
      • Table Figure 1 - US Pet Medication Retail Sales, 2013-2021
      • Table US Pet Medication Retail Sales, 2013-2021
      • Product Regulation
      • Share of Sales by Distribution Channel
        • Table Figure 2 - US Pet Medication Retail Sales by Distribution Channel, 2017
      • Share of Sales by Animal Type
        • Table Figure 3 - US Pet Medication Retail Sales by Animal Type, 2017
      • Share of Sales by Product Type
        • Table Figure 4 - US Pet Medication Retail Sales by Product Type, 2017
      • Age of Pets
        • Table Age of Dogs and Cats, 2017
      • Veterinary Visits
        • Table Percentage of Dog and Cat Owners Who Have Visited the Vet in the Last 12 Months, 2016
      • Pet Owners Rely on Vet Advice
        • Table Percentage of Dog and Cat Owners Who Rely on Their Veterinarian for Advice by Topic, 2016
    • Sales Trends
      • Pet Owners Have Options
      • Veterinary Pharmacies Online
    • Consumer Trends
      • Most Dog or Cat Households Use Flea/Tick Products
      • Spot-On Still on Top
      • More Than Three-Fifths of Dog-Owning Households Use Heartworm Meds
      • Allergy Meds Top List of Other Pet Medications
      • Attitudes on Veterinarian/Professional vs. Store Products
        • Table Survey Response: Dog Owners vs. Cat Owners Regarding Veterinarian Recommendations*, 2017
        • Table Survey Response: Dog Owners vs. Cat Owners Regarding Pet Medications at Stores*, 2017
    • Market Opportunities
      • Veterinary Consolidation
      • Human/Animal Bond
      • Veterinary Services Growth
      • Exploring E-Commerce
      • Generics Increasing Competition and Spurring Innovation
      • Millennials
      • Chewable Tablets
      • Combo Products
      • Pet Ownership Growth
  • Industry Structure
    • Competitive Overview
      • Global Animal Health Rankings Get Another Change
        • Table Global Pharmaceutical Marketers: Total Sales vs. Animal Health Sales, 2015-2016
        • Table Global Pharmaceutical Marketers by Change in Global Sales: Animal Health, 2017
      • Retail Pet Medication Marketers
      • Notable Deals
  • About This Report
    • Scope & Method
    • Sources
    • Industry Codes
      • Table Industry Codes Related to Pet Medications
    • Resources

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