Pet Medications: United States

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Published Jul 31, 2019 | 34 Pages | Pub ID: FFO16021615
Pet Medications: United States

This report forecasts US pet medication retail sales in nominal US dollars for 2019-2022. To illustrate historical trends, total retail sales are provided in annual series from 2014-2018.

This report examines the retail market for medications for dogs and cats, with a focus on products purchased directly by consumers. These include prescription, over-the-counter (also called OTC or retail products), and ""ethical"" products (nonprescription medications that are only distributed to veterinarians). The primary focus of this report is on the core types of antiparasitics/parasiticides.

Animal health products for production animals and horses are excluded from this market analysis, as are nutritional supplements for companion animals and horses, which are covered in Packaged Facts' April 2019 report Pet Supplements in the U.S., and March 2017 report U.S. Equine Market.

A full outline of report items by page is available in the Table of Contents.

Related NAICS Codes:
325412 Pharmaceutical Preparation Mfg
325414 Biological Product (except Diagnostic) Mfg
524128 Other Direct Insurance (except Life, Health, and Medical) Carriers
541940 Veterinary Services
  • Highlights
  • Market Overview
    • Market Size
      • Table Figure 1 | US Pet Medication Retail Sales, 2014 - 2022
      • Table US Pet Medication Retail Sales, 2014 - 2022
      • Share of Sales by Animal Type
        • Table Figure 2 | US Pet Medication Retail Sales by Animal Type, 2018
      • Share of Sales by Distribution Channel
        • Table Figure 3 | US Pet Medication Retail Sales by Distribution Channel, 2018
      • Share of Sales by Product Type
        • Table Figure 4 | US Pet Medication Retail Sales by Product Type, 2018
      • Parasiticide Sales by Type
        • Table US Retail Sales of Parasiticides by Product Type: Prescription vs. OTC, 2018
      • Overall Pet Market Focus on Health & Wellness
      • Innovation Spurred by Cost, Convenience, & Safety
      • Strong Veterinary Market Underpins Pet Medications
      • Growth in Pet Health Monitoring & DNA Testing
      • Pet Medications Sales Shifting to Online Platforms
      • Parasiticide Use Impacted by Product Confusion, Perception of Risk
      • Natural Flea & Tick Protection
      • Overall Pet Market Trends Impacting Pet Medications
      • Product Regulation
      • Over-the-Counter vs. Prescription vs. Veterinary Feed Directive
    • Product Trends
      • Parasiticides
      • First Aid Products
      • Vaccines & Other Drugs
    • Retail Trends
      • A Shifting Paradigm
      • The Vet Channel
      • Online Sales
      • Pet Specialty
      • Mass-Market Retailers
    • Consumer Trends
      • Pet Medication Purchasing Patterns
      • Demographic Trends
    • Opportunities
      • Human/Animal Bond
      • Veterinary Services Expansion
      • E-Commerce
      • Generics & Patent Expiration Fuel New Product Pipeline
      • Innovative Product Delivery Systems
      • Combo Products
      • Parasiticides: OTC vs. Prescription
      • Weather Patterns, Parasiticides, & Consumer Education
      • Tapping (Further) into Natural
  • Industry Structure
    • Competitive Overview
      • Pharmaceutical & OTC Marketers
      • M&A & Investment Activity
      • Global & US Conglomerates Dominate Pet Medications Market
        • Table Global Pharmaceutical Marketers Total Sales vs. Animal Health Sales, 2018
      • Generics Increasing Competition, Spurring Innovation
    • Leading Marketer Profiles
      • Zoetis
      • Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health
      • Merck Animal Health
  • About This Report
    • Scope
    • Sources
    • Industry Codes
      • Table NAICS & SIC Codes Related to Pet Medications
    • Resources