Two of the Coolest Trends to Watch in Household Refrigerators & Freezers

Two of the Coolest Trends to Watch in Household Refrigerators & Freezers

US demand for household refrigerators and freezers in the US is forecast to total $10.4 billion in 2021. As more homes are built and kitchens are remodeled, suppliers are finding creative ways to become the first choice in the mind of every customer.

The Internet of Things

Life with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant always listening seems too futuristic and strange for many people, but for others, it’s a dream come true. Targeting the dreamers, companies like LG and Samsung lead the way in developing fully connected Wi-Fi home systems centered on the refrigerator.

For example, winning a Best of Innovation award at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung unveiled the new and improved version of its Family Hub Refrigerator. Users can monitor the contents of their refrigerator remotely using a connected phone or device, see the contents on a screen built into the door, view recipes on-screen based on ingredients they have on hand (even by ingredient expiration date), and watch their favorite shows streamed from a connected Samsung Smart TV or stream music to the built-in speakers. The Family Hub can recognize multiple family members, and its virtual assistant, Bixby, can tailor the experience to whomever it is speaking. Equally intriguing is the feature’s compatibility with other services and devices, such as monitoring a Ring Video Doorbell or ordering delivery through GrubHub. Refrigerator and freezer manufacturers continue to improve on a critical piece of hardware that is ubiquitous in nearly every American home.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Water dispensers have been a widespread built-in option on refrigerator doors for decades, but the desire of manufacturers to create new and exciting ways to utilize this feature has yet to freeze over. Beginning with a simple water line connected to the kitchen tap, the refrigerator water dispenser has taken on an identity of its own in recent years. GE Appliances (Haier) refrigerators now include an optional feature making them capable of dispensing a specific amount of water – ice cold or piping hot – so busy cooks can shave a few precious moments off of their time in the kitchen. Taking this feature a step further, some models have the option of detecting if a pitcher or glass is nearly full and stopping automatically, or making use of a built-in Keurig pod coffeemaker – allowing the user to combine this feature with Wi-Fi connectivity and brew coffee or tea from the comfort of a warm bed. Samsung has hopped on the dispenser bandwagon, partnering with SodaStream to enable users to dispense sparkling water in addition to still water. Innovations like these prod consumers to replace their appliances more frequently and to buy more expensive models featuring all the “bells and whistles”.

Want to Learn More?

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  • parts and attachments

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